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We have teamed up with Aussie icon Violet Crumble to bring you a candy-like protein bar, adding 2 truly unique flavours to our Soft Bar range – it is a match made in high protein heaven. 


Soft, fluffy, chewy... Protein? Your favourite chocolate treats just got a high protein, low-in sugar transformation. Crack through chocolate, then sink your teeth into the fluffy base, smothered in a gooey goodness.


From fueling post-workout recovery to providing a wholesome snack for lunch boxes, these bars offer a convenient and healthier option for individuals of all ages, including children.


These bars are ordered in multiples of 12 (1 box).

BSc X Violet Crumble Soft Protein Bar

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    • 16g Protein 
    • Less than 3g Sugar
    • 6.4g Fibre
    • 4.5 Health Star Rating
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