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Our Back and Hip ice pack is one size fits all and perfect for delivering cold or heat  therapy to back and hip injuries. It is also suitable for use on your neck. The high stretch neoprene strap allows a you to conveniently treat this area with comfortable compression. This kit includes a 11″ Ice bag, high stretch neoprene support and net carry bag. 


This design helps deliver cold or heat therapy to common back and hip injuries including:


  • Sprains & strains
  • Herniated discs 
  • Hip joint damage
  • Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) inflammation
  • Post surgery pain
  • Controlling pain & inflammation
  • Use as a heat pack for pregnancy back pain and period pain

BodyIce Recovery Back & Hip

消費税込み |
    • Reduces pain, swelling & inflammation from acute or chronic injury and surgery.
    • Improves post surgical recovery times.
    • Retains temperature for hours.
    • No leaks, no slipping. Just comfortable cold compression. 
    • Delivers optimal cold therapy below 10℃.
    • Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons and medical professionals nation-wide.
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