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What is Smartspeed?

SmartSpeed is used for measuring speed around the world from some of the world's fastest athletes to aspiring up-and-comers and patients in rehabilitation.

Not just that, but SmartSpeed is also fast and easy to set up and use, eliminating much of the hassle and frustration that typically comes with timing gate systems.


Fast & Reliable

Historically, timing gate systems have been notoriously frustrating to use, often requiring long setup times, as well as being prone to connectivity issues and clunky to use

SmartSpeed eliminates these headaches with a system that is easy to set up, reliable to connect and intuitively controlled through the SmartSpeed apps.

Wide range of tests
Test speed, agility, reactivity, jumps and more.

SmartSpeed allows you to set up and run drills for assessing a multitude of physical and performance characteristics, and allows you to connect a range of accessories for testing jumps, reactivity and more.

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